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Why Dorm-LA

Lowest all-included price

A night in Dorm-LA is just $19 with a monthly commitment or $25 on a daily basis with all the taxes, utilities, and fees included.

Rent Assistance programs

We accept all the government rent assistance programs – hassle-free and in a timely manner.

Free relocation

We offer free relocation between any of our houses with vacant beds, and as always with Dorm-LA free means free – no hidden fees ever.

Our dorms


Shared living, shared fun.

In Dorm-LA, we are a group of believers in a better, more convenient, more affordable way of living in LA. We are striving to help our local community by doing what we do best – bringing comfortable housing to fellow angelenos and newcomers. We plan, build, and manage our dorms ourselves to ensure that our houses and our service are always at their best, and our prices stay unbeatable.

Our crowd

Students. They are young, they are free, and they are frugal – don’t judge, they already have their student loans to pay for years to come. They are the life of our community, and one of our most grateful guests.

Transitioners. They want to move to LA, and they want to do it smart – renting a dorm is a great way to sample different neighborhoods before you are ready to commit to a long term lease, especially taking in consideration our free relocation option.

Creatives. Los Angeles is world-famous for its creative opportunities, but until you ?make it’, it’s often challenging to pay your bills. Many of our guests are local creatives choosing to opt-in to better rental prices without needing to sacrifice the convenience of living in the very heart of Los Angeles.

Young professionals. Recently out of college, they are looking for a new job, new home, and a new lifestyle. Our dorms is a great place to live and network with like-minded people, and a number of creative alliances has been born inside of our walls.